installation, video, performance and objects, mixed media
Any attempt to explain the confluence of events that came together to allow Flight 1549 to land safely in the Hudson River has to begin with the chicken gun. By firing chicken carcasses directly into the airliner engines, teams of engineers enabled the US Airways airplane to survive the collision with a flock of Canadian geese. This is why the chicken and the gun are the central in Sadofsky’s project The Miracle on the Hudson.
This exhibition is an attempt to take stock of this new vision, to make the case that there is need for a unified philosophy, and an original one. Most new movements start this way: hundreds or thousands of individuals and groups, working in different fields and different locations, start thinking about change using a common language, without necessarily recognising those shared values. You just start following your own vector, propelled along by the people in your immediate vicinity. And then one day, you look up and realise that all those individual trajectories have turned into a religion. Sadofsky’s symbolical rendering of the remembrance of the Hudson landing of the flight 1549 construes a strong hope for the tangent of progress here and now.
Steven Johnson
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